[Webinar] Keeping customers’ interest at the intersection of everything we do | Zoho SalesIQ

We rely on apps and other digital products for everything we do. We might not even realize the importance and impact of those products until they stop working.

They weren’t accidentally discovered and developed to make our lives better.
A lot goes into these products.

Identify the problems masses face, calculate the business potential of it, come up with a solution, create a wireframe design, work with the developers to make it live, get feedback from the users, and go back to the ideation stage: The cycle continues for a product manager while always keeping customers’ interest at the intersection of everything they do.

Ann Terrence, Product Manager, Zoho SalesIQ, sat down with our Product Specialist, Pragadeesh Jayachandran, for an in-depth conversation about how product managers go about identifying and solving problems their customers are facing.


Identifying a problem vs identifying a problem you want to solve
The thought process behind arriving at a solution
The business sense of a product manager
Customer satisfaction, customer engagement, and customer experience

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