Video Guides – UCM6300 – UCM Remote Connect

These are the points covered in this video:
– 00:35 What is UCM RemoteConnect
– 03:15 Adding UCM6300 to GDMS & available plans
– 15:30 UCM backup on GDMS Cloud Storage
– 17:05 UCM RemoteConnect settings – UCM web UI
– 22:05 GS Wave & SIP endpoint registration to UCMRC

UCM RemoteConnect allows organizations to build a secure, easy-to-manage communications and collaboration solution for remote workers and devices. It offers a companion cloud service for the UCM6300 series that provides always-on, automatic NAT firewall traversal to ensure secure connections by remote users.
*Remote collaboration that is secure & reliable; Cloudbased NAT firewall traversal service runs on AWS with 99% reliability
*Productive meetings, calls and conferences with the included Wave app for desktop, web, and mobile
*Offers secure connections with remote SIP endpoints registered to a UCM6300 series device
*Provides built-in tools for IT-friendly secure management of remote devices
*Integrated with GDMS for centralized management of remote devices; also at
*Built-in advanced system and device monitoring & diagnosis tools to actively ensure secure connections
*Provides advanced system and device reports and real-time email alerts
*Free & paid plans available; offers cloud storage, reports, alerts & more

Find out more about UCM Remote Connect and more here: