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With so much buzz about the benefits of the cloud, it’s hard not to at least consider migrating your file server to the cloud. Before making any major changes to how you store your company’s data, consider these pros and cons.
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After a number of years leading or managing your company/non-profit, you’ve learned that you cannot “do it all.” In addition to reactive support when technologies “break”, you also need proactive IT support services to avoid those breakdowns in the first place. This keeps your team working as efficiently as possible regardless of whether they’re in an office or working remotely. Our friendly Service Desk team, issue resolution process, and our tools allow us to quickly fix technology “breakage” as well as resolve other issues BEFORE they become big problems.

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For more details check out the article: “Should I Migrate My File Server to the Cloud?”

Should I Migrate My File Server to the Cloud?

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