Setup voip server : How to setup a voip phone system | Setup Asterisk with UBUNTU & AWS | SIP Server

VoIP is one of the most populer technologies in telephony industry. VoIP works on SIP or Session Initiation Protocol. SIP works on TCP or UDP. In this video we have set up an AWS free tire ubuntu ec2 instance, and installed asterisk SIP server. And, then added users to established phone calls, between two users.

So, here you will get to learn:

1. What is VoIP?
2. What is SIP & how does it work?
3. How to launch an ubuntu ec2 instance in AWS.
4. How to install asterisk SIP servr in ubuntu?
5. Edit asterisk configuration files and add users in asterisk server.
6. Set up sip phone in android and desktop.
7. Establish a call between two phones.

After watching this video, you will be able to set up your own telephony network.

GitHub Link:

Asterisk Commands:
asterisk -vvvr
module load
sip show peers

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