Managed Service Provider | How to Vet Your Managed Service Provider?

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In this video, I am interviewing Ryan Heidorn, from Steel Root. We had a discussion over the following Subjects:
-Managed Service Provider
-How to Vet Your Managed Service Provider
-What role do MSPs play in the CMMC ecosystem?
-Is MSP have the skill and experience to help with CMMC?
-Can a company outsource all its CMMC requirements to an MSP?
-Validate your MSPs Security Posture.

21 Questions to Determine if Your MSP is Ready for Prime Time or is Setting the Stage for Cybersecurity Problems:

In some respects, the relationship between a company and its Managed Service Provider (MSP) is the most important strategic partnership a business can make. More and more our business technology is essential to daily operations and should it ever fail, the entire business could be disabled until systems are restored. Any business offering managed services to your company must be properly vetted to ensure that they can provide the level of support you need to protect your interests.

The hard part is the vetting itself. Every Managed Service Provider under the sun is going to tout their experience and achievements, but the truly distinguishing characteristic of a quality Managed Service Provider has to do with their personal philosophy. It’s about how they think about managed services more than how they actually conduct themselves. In a word, they must be customer-centric.

Spotting a Customer-Centric Managed Service Provider
There are three main prongs of a customer-centric approach to managed services. If you are in the market for a managed services agreement for your environment, keep an eye out for these characteristics.

A Focus on Business Outcomes:
Managed services should not be a simple transactional agreement. It’s not like selling hours of technical support. Managed services is a partnership and the MSP’s approach to the agreement should reflect that. Is the provider focusing on specific solutions to specific problems or are they approaching the issue holistically?

Every aspect of a business is connected in some form – technology more so than anything else and the Managed Service Provider must factor this into their conversation. They should be discussing long-term and short-term business goals with you and learning how your technology solutions fit into that strategy. From there the MSP must have the business acumen and technical expertise to translate those goals into technical solutions and effective strategies.

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