#HamRadio Live! Show 571. 10 Meters Is Dropping South, General License Q&A’s & Respect For CQWW CW!

0:06 Opening Song “Welcome To The Jungle” by Guns And Roses.

1:54 Show Welcomes

9:43 “Ham Bites” General License

34:45 The 10m Band Is Again Heading South In The Northern Hemisphere.

39:43 CQWW CW Weekend Is Over. The Talent It Takes To Take Part In It Deserves Some Great Respect!

46:48 Thanks To Mark, 2E1CEQ in Great Britain, For Watching Ham Radio Live!

50:12 “Angry Hams” & Trivia

56:06 Monday Funnies From Our Discord Page!

1:01:01 How To Get Into Amateur Radio KTXA TV Sign Off and Chickenman Episode 17.

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I sincerely thank you for watching the shows. I really get upset with myself when I say I will be coming to do a show and then can’t do it for whatever reason. I want you to know I’ll do my best to try to make sure that doesn’t happen anymore. Spending time with you guys means a lot to me.

Happy Monday! From the little Shack In Oregon, to all of YOU!

de K7HN