Fulfilment by Everpeaks and Managed Services – a complete global ecommerce solution for brand owners

Today marks a milestone for our company as we proudly announce the launch of Fulfilment by Everpeaks (FBE), our very own duty-free, integrated warehousing and fulfilment solution. FBE is expected to be a game changer in enabling Manufacturer-to-Consumer (M2C) commerce, globally. M2C is when brands transact directly with consumers around the world, cutting out the middleman and reducing market access cost.

Fulfilment by Everpeaks aims to enable all brands, big or small, to gain access to export ecommerce by breaking down the barriers to entry. SMEs from around the world can now employ the global infrastructure set up by FBE, at a fraction of the cost.

Everpeaks plans to position Malaysia as a regional distribution hub for Southeast Asia, granting brand owners from around the world a market access of 670 million people. Southeast Asia is the third largest market, and has the highest digital penetration in the world.

Are you a German manufacturer who intends to expand your business globally, and sell your products direct to consumers?
Are you a Malaysian brand owner who sells and fulfils orders directly from China?
Are you a couple of product designers from the USA with a unique product that should be in every market around the world, especially in Southeast Asia?

If your answer is yes, Fulfilment by Everpeaks is the solution for you.

Learn more about FBE at www.everpeaks.com